Friday, 29 April 2011

My Favourite Bits of The Royal Wedding

1) Kate Middleton's wedding dress has finally been revealed, after being the best-kept secret of the year!

Personally, I expected the wedding dress to be a little more modern and edgy. But it turns out that the Duchess of Cambridge chose to embody Grace Kelly's wedding day look on her big day. However, I think she made a good choice.  It's very classic, vintage and simple yet beautiful. It suits her perfectly. :)

2) My favourite celebrity couple, David and Victoria Beckham look so astonishing with their outfits. VB  made an elegant arrival dressed in one of her own autumn/winter creations, specially altered to take account of her baby bump.

Source: F&C Styleblog

 Source: Swoonworthy

3) The moment that everyone had been waiting for, Prince William and Kate's first public kiss. The newly wed couple kissed for the first time on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in front of a crowd of thousands of people. It emulated the kiss between Prince William's parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, who started the tradition. 

What a fairy tale wedding! If only  Princess Diana was there with them. Anyway, congratulations to both of them. I wish them nothing but happiness. May they live happily ever after. :)

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A Melancholic Week

This is one of the most melancholic weeks I have ever had. 

Just days ago I wept as I watched a movie called Prayers for Bobby. I have wept for those who are less fortunate and have to deal with situations like the one Bobby was in. It is not right at all that lives end because of people's ignorance.

And last night, as I watched Taare Zameen Par, as I think of those children who are pushed to a corner of a rat-race life by their parents and teachers, and as I think of those children who are constantly yelled at, put down, and ridiculed while they are struggling with their difficulties in understanding and learning new things - I am moved to tears again and again. Even though it is just a movie, but I can feel the sorrow and the pain portrayed by the actors. 

For the past four months I have been staying in IPBA hostel. Last two weeks, the administration broke the news to letting us know that we, the final year students will have to find and rent a house around KL because we are no longer allowed to stay in the hostel next semester. REASON: There are about 250 new students who will be coming in and apparently, (and recently), the administration just noticed that there won't be enough places to accommodate all the students. This was such horrible news for me because besides having all the comforts I have with wonderful and amazing friends around, I have to go for my first and only practicum of my entire degree years next semester and for many reasons that I am not going to write here (takut termencarut!). So as I think of those days without my close friends around while I'm struggling with my new routine as a teacher, I wept and sobbed again. 

I am such a cry baby. I can only smile sheepishly when people tease me about how easily I cry and tell me to not be such a cry baby. But I can't. I need to allow the tears to flow, not only for myself and those that I know, but for all people everywhere who are in pain (dramatic nya! Hee~). 

Next week I will have to sit for my final exam. 

Tuesday: Assessment in School at 8.30am
Thursday: Curriculum Studies at 8.30am

I only have two papers for the exam but those two especially CS are quite tough! Honestly, I am little bit anxious and solicitous because it's been a year that I did not sit for any exams as my 2nd Year and 3rd Year in Macquarie University were quite coursework-based. So I can't say I am very well-prepared but I still have about five days before answering the exam questions. So, for the remaining time, InsyaAllah I will strive for the best. :)

Despite all the not-so-happy things I reported earlier, there is one thing that I do look forward to and the idea of it never fails to motivate and enlighten me. May 30th, please come fast. I can't wait to go home and spend time with my family and friends. I miss them so much! I am also looking forward to celebrate my first Harvest Festival or Kaamatan Day with my family after two years away from home. Dad promises to bring us to the Hongkod Koisaan on May 31st. Awesome~

Okay, I think I am out of things to say. Wishing all those who will be sitting for their exams, good luck and all the best!!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ada apa dengan Florinta Edward

I would like to share one of my favourite poems - this one is composed by my friend Dark A. Delaqroux .
I love it because it is about me (obviously)! Haha..Well to be honest I love it because it is bitter sweet. It describes me almost perfectly and it may be one of the most honest 'descriptions' or comments I have ever received. 

Ad, I have no idea why and how did you come out with this idea of writing this poem but I really want to thank you for this one. People said seeing oneself from the eyes of others can be rough but there are times when we really need those 'extra' eyes to remind us of who we really are. So thank you very much Ad. :)

As if of some indonesian romance
I asked, "ada apa dengan florinta edward?"
or "what is with flo?"
if you find it easier to understand;
A rhetorical for one to answer, hence,
Though some may see it absurd
To simply put, simplest for so
A lady one can never comprehend. 

I jest not, gentlemen and ladies,
Believe for i do not kid,
For i receive reward of nothing
If my intention here is to deceive;
You may find a spring full of daffodils,
Yet plainliness, i call it,
For Flo's white winter flower so distinctive,
incomparable, in a clear morn of May.

-Dark. A. Delaqroux
25th July '09

You can visit and read his blog here :) 

Monday, 18 April 2011

Senaman Menghilangkan Mengantuk (Senaman Kucing)

Kepada kawan-kawan yang ingin berjaga untuk menyiapkan assignment atau pun study untuk final exam, anda boleh mengamalkan senaman ini untuk mengelakkan diri anda daripada tertidur. Senaman ini bukanlah hakcipta saya. Saya cuma 'copy and paste' daripada blog-blog orang lain. Hehe~

Selamat mencuba :)

Sila ikut arahan dengan betul untuk mengelakkan daripada mengalami kecederaan yang tidak diingini.

ni ala taichi sikit la...
sebagai intro dan warming up..

tiru la macam ni...
untuk melegakan bahu dan leher..

wa..wa.. aaa

gerak kekanan kemudian ke kiri..

gerak ke kiri kemudian ke kanan

ikut je ler... jangan terpusing kepala udah la..

tepuk kuat kuat kat dahi..
ni untuk hilang mengantuk..

dah tu buat gerakan tangan dan badan...
buat macam happy aje..

kemudian goyang2 kaki dan badan sikit...
buat macam takde masaalah...

buat secara aggresive pula...
jangan peduli apa orang lain kata..

hilangkan semua stress..

pusingkan kepala...

tengok muka kat cermin
sambil goyang2.. lawa tak...

akhir sekali
buat joget kucing...


Saturday, 16 April 2011

My Secret Battle

Warning, depressing blog ahead!!

I don't like to write negative things that bring you down. But this time, I feel like I have to write it and just get it out of my system so I can move on!

I am not feeling well today. I woke up this morning and I felt awful. 

I have been emotional lately and I do not know why! I cry at news stories, movies, songs, you name it! I am also quite sensitive about  how people treat me! Why? 

I really want to get myself out from this mess right now!!! 

Ya Allah, please give me strengths. 

Monday, 11 April 2011

Simple vs Complicated

I came across this note while browsing my Facebook page. This note was written quite a long time ago, after having a discussion with my house mates at that time, Naniey and Myra. I feel like reposting this note to my blog because I want to share my thought on this particular issue with everyone else, especially my blog readers. 

I won't make any changes, I just let it be as the way it is. So please bare with the 'rojak' language :p

So here it goes: 

Thanks to my dear Myra for asking for my opinion about this question that day. 

Sebagai manusia biasa, kita tak dapat lari daripada lumrah kehidupan yang kadang-kadang akan meletakkan kita dalam situasi yang sukar dan mengelirukan. Tidak kiralah apa situasi sekalipun; akademik, persahabatan, keluarga, cinta dan lain-lain. However, I strongly believe that whatever situations we find ourselves in, Allah will never leave us unguided and miserable. He always provides us with options; to do or not to do, to take or not to take and to be or not to be. Allah itu Maha Bijak lagi Maha Penyayang. Setiap sesuatu yang berlaku pasti ada sebab dan hikmah. Namun semuanya terpulang kepada kita untuk menilai apa disebaliknya. 

I still remember what Naniey told me few days ago. Naniey cakap Rasulullah SAW adalah sebaik-baik contoh seorang manuasia yang apabila diberi pilihan akan mengambil jalan yang mudah, ringkas dan baik kepada dirinya serta orang lain daripada mengambil jalan yang sukar dan menyukarkan diri sendiri. Kadang-kadang, saya terfikir mengapalah sesetengah individu masih tidak reti untuk membuat pilihan yang betul walaupun pilihan yang nyata jauh lebih baik dan mudah terbentang di depan mata. Mengapakah orang-orang ini masih suka untuk meletakkan diri mereka dalam keadaan yang 'sukar' dan 'berserabut' sedangkan mereka sebenarnya sudah nampak akan kesudahan di sebalik semua pilihan itu. 

Personally, I like to be neither in any difficult situations nor with those complicated people. But somehow I know that there are times when we cannot help ourselves from being in that situations. However, if I were to be in that situation and need to make any decisions, I would definitely choose the simplest and easiest way. But what do I mean by the 'simplest' and 'easiest' way? 

Now let me give you an example: You are in love with someone who does not feel the same about you and you know it very well. But somehow you cannot let it go and always thinking about this matter. You always find ways to make him/her to notice you and then feel sad and stressed when your plan is not working very well. Because of him/her, you neglect other things which are more important to you. Because of him/her, you annoy and hurt other people who seem to care about you without you realizing that. So, what you should do? To stay in that 'tiring' situation or to just let it go? 

I will say the simplest and easiest way is to stay away! Why? Simple: it isn't worth to waste your time and effort to love that person knowing that you will only get hurt at the end of the day! And I will say you are a complicated person if you choose to stay! You are a complicated person because you have a much better option which you FAIL to consider. You FAIL because you let yourself to be controlled by your emotion! You FAIL because you let someone else who does not even care about you to ruin your happiness!!

So, kenapa kita kena menyukarkan keadaan kalau kita ada pilihan yang lebih mudah? Adakah sebab kita buta sampai tak tahu nak menilai keadaan? Atau adakah kita ego? Sebagai peringatan untuk diri sendiri dan juga rakan-rakan tersayang, kita ada tanggungjawab yang lagi besar. Daripada menyibukkan diri untuk berfikir tentang sesuatu perkara yang tidak akan mendatangkan kebaikan, baik kita gunakan masa itu untuk melaksanakan tugas-tugas yang jauh lagi penting. Jangan disebabkan perkara-perkara yang sia-sia atau orang-orang yang tidak penting, kita jadi lalai. PRIORITY COMES FIRST! Jangan kerana cinta, duit atau keseronokan semata-mata, kita lupa tugas utama kita sebagai seorang pelajar. 

Untuk berjaya atau gagal dalam akademik dan hidup juga merupakan satu pilihan. Cuma semuanya terpulang kepada kita, cara macam manakah yang kita inginkan untuk mencapai cita-cita. Ingat, Allah sentiasa memberikan kita peluang untuk melakukan sesuatu yang lebih baik maka jangan sia-siakan. Jom kita sama-sama elakkan diri daripada perkara-perkara yang COMPLICATED sbb sesungguhnya dalam apa-apa juga perkara, pilihan yang SIMPLE and EASY itu datang dulu cuma kita kadang-kadang susah nak nampak sebab kita asyik meletakkan diri kita dalam keadaan yang SUKAR!

Thanks so much to Myra and Naniey for the insights. =)

Friday, 8 April 2011

I Love Myself Affirmations

I am not the smartest person you may know, 
But I hate to say ' I do not know!'

I am not the prettiest woman among the ones you know,
But I hate to walk with my head low!

I am not the bravest person among the ones you've met, 
But I hate to admit 'I cannot do it'!

I am perfectly contented being me.
I act with total assurance in all that I do. 
Because I know I am worthy. 
And so do you!

P.S: Embrace yourself. :)

Saturday, 2 April 2011

My Top 10 Guilty Pleasure

10) Sleeping in on Sunday morning when I tell my mama I'm going to wake up early and do my laundry and start working on my assignments.

9) pretending to be talking on my handphone when I see people  that I know but don't really wanna talk to that day. I feel guilty but it works! Hehe..

8) YouTube! I like browsing and watching those videos, some of the big names put on YouTube namely Nigahiga, Joseph Vincent , Sam Tsui, Legaci , Boyceavenue , Victor Kim, Jason Chen and few others. And I don't mind watching the same video over and over again! Hee~

7) Tweeting while eating at the restaurants. So I really appreciate those eateries that have free Wi-Fi because they understand that not every patron has an iPhone or Blackberry or any types of phone which has "24-hour internet access" :(

6) Creeping on Facebook - especially when I have assignments due sometime soon and I can't focus! So I will start stalking my friends' profiles, browsing their friend's friends' pictures, investigating their relationship status etc. Ooops, you caught me! Haha..

5) Asian guys with accents. WEIRD! I know..

4) Googling my own name. Perasan kan?

3)When I find a song I like, I listen to it over and over and over and over again till I can't stand it.

2) Coffee! I have been addicted since I can't remember! I can drink up to three cups of coffee in one day!  I think my coffee consumption is too high but I don't like the idea of quitting coffee though ! Huu~

1) Excessive shopping! I love shopping! I mean, hello, who doesn't!! Plus, I have this tendency of buying things whenever I am feeling down! Hoho.. I pop down to the shopping mall to relieve my tension/stress/whatever, and a few hours later I’m walking out with huge grin with a couple of new things! Herm ~

So those are my Top Ten Guilty Pleasures.  When I first thought of writing this post I thought how am I going to think of ten?  But after I started writing I actually left several off.  Apparently I have a lot! Haha..

What are yours? :)

Friday, 1 April 2011

I Eat Therefore I Write. I Write Therefore I Eat.

Hello peeps. This one is going to be quick. It's been days since I last updated. Hee~

This week was one of the busiest weeks ever! I had just submitted my CS, the toughest assignment (so far) on Monday!  Fuhh ~ what a relief! Some of you might have no idea how much I suffered because of this assignment! I kept on editing my essay til' the very last hour before submission deadline and I was still not satisfied with the final draft! The 3500-words assignment was super duper tough! But never mine lar! Now for the very first time, I only wish I can get a pass for the assignment. Yup, a pass is good enough! Huu ~

I still have three more assignments due sometime next weeks. Seriously, I have not much time left and as I’m writing this, I have not yet finished any of those three. Hoho..Ok stop nagging about my assignments. InsyaAllah, I’ll try my best to cope with everything. 

Let's talk about some good things that happened this week. Last Wednesday, my friends and I made a surprise visit to Kak Wani at Gravy Baby. It was so good to see her and have dinner together. Btw, Gravy Baby is awesome. I like the environment here - comfy and relaxing! And my western fried rice was great! Unfortunately, we had to rush back to IPBA because of the curfew hour! Duhh, lame~ I know! But there's always a next time, right? 

        [Western Fried Rice]

[Ahli Rombongan]

[Happy Faces]

[Flo & Kak Wani]

Last night pula, my girls and I went to have our dinner at Flora Kafe in Jalan Ampang. The decoration is so vogedebush! The foods are great too! 


[Mee Curry]


[Spagetti & Chocolate Blended]

[Inspired by Hana Tajima]

It felt so good to spend time with friends, good to laugh, good to eat, good to get away! Kalau lar boleh buat macam ni hari2..herm!

Ok lah, I am going to sleep now. I need to wake up early because I am having my first ever driving lesson tomorrow. Haha..Have a good weekend everyone.

Goodbye, until then.