Thursday, 24 February 2011

Chris Medina: Love, Faith, Hope, Loyalty

"I adore Chris Medina."

"I wish Chris Medina is my boyfriend/fiancée."

Have you heard of these comments before? Out of sudden Chris Medina has become a worldwide phenomenon. Who is Chris Medina? Why does everyone especially girls love Chris Medina?

Well here is the story of Chris Medina:

It's been almost a month since Chris Medina came to his very first audition of American Idol Season 10 and made many people dropped tears. 

I don’t think there is a single soul who watched this video and didn’t think to themselves “I wonder if my bf/gf/husband/wife would stick around if that were me". Some people said Chris Medina was exploiting his fiancée to win the audience’ heart. Some also criticized him by saying what he was doing was wrong and he shouldn't have been doing it. Well people can say anything they want, right?

Personally, I think Chris Medina is truly a very special guy and Juliana is so lucky to have him. He has dedicated himself for being the caretaker of his fiancée who's suffering from a traumatic brain injury. J
anet Barnes, Juliana’s mother indicates that Chris is the real deal on her Facebook page, Janet blogged:

"There is a man in our lives that has risen from a crisis to be a hero. You know that already because I have said it a hundred times in a hundred ways through this blog. Our very own Chris Medina has spent days and nights, losing blood, sweat and oh yes A LOT of tears to beg his fiancée back to health. And through it all he has become deeper, more centered, and an even more soulful individual. This has been witnessed by all of us from his mannerisms to his music. If you didn't love him before, you do now. If you DID love him, you now adore him."

So, I am pretty sure many of Chris Medina’s fans out there were very sad and disappointed with his shock elimination. But we have to remember American Idol is a singing competition after all. He was eliminated because the judges thought he did not have what it takes to be the next American Idol. He can sing but there are a number of other people who can sing better than him. 

But whatever it is, I salute you Chris Medina for being such a man. You may not have the most amazing voice but I'm sure you’ll be remembered for your amazing gift of character. I wish a speedy recovery for your fiancée Juliana and I hope to see both of you walking down the aisle very soon :)

Goodbye, until then. 

3 Words of Love:

Farouk Harun said...

I agree that he is indeed very true..i mean he's not exploiting or pretending or whatever.. and the way he treated his fiancee..he's really a man..he is responsible and emotionally strong and loyal..these criteria should be used to determine whether a man is a man..not by merely looking at one's physique and one's involvement in sports..lame! =P

Florinta Edward said...

"..not by merely looking at one's physique and one's involvement in sports..lame!.." haha Farouk, I like this one! siapa cakap lelaki yang bersukan tu cukup 'lelaki'?? well physically maybe yes..yang lain-lain macam mana? being a hunk and being a man are totally two different things!

Nur.Zulkhiefley said...

his story touches my heart. aaa~~~~~~