Sunday, 15 May 2011

Please End the Reign of Bullies

Uproar over violent school bullies (Read here)

I was disgusted and appalled by the behaviour of those bullies who were all girls. Seriously, what is wrong with them?

I am personally not happy with the whole 14-day suspension meted out on those mean girls. Suspended for 14 days and public apology are not enough. The harrowing experience is enough to cause whole life of damages to the poor girl. How are they going to compensate her for all that? Plus, knowing these kids, a suspension is probably like a holiday to them. 

The authority said the bullies are too young to go to jail. But mind you, this is a very serious crime! I strongly feel that they ought to be thrown into juvenile center until age of 18. I believe teenagers aged 13 are able to differentiate between bad behaviour and serious wrongdoing. So they are not 'too young' to me. They are 'big' enough to know that they are bullying their classmate. Even a 6 year-old kid knows he or she cannot slap, strangle and cut other people's hair without permission. 

What a disgraceful act! 

I hope the Ministry of Education and schools nationwide will come up with better guidelines on tackling school bullies from now on or else, they might go on to raise another generation of bullies! 

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