Thursday, 9 June 2011

Friends don’t question, they ask.

You meet someone and become friends. As time passes by, you get closer and closer and eventually he/she becomes your best pal. Both of you spend time together doing things that you believe would strengthen the relationship. You tell him/her stories that you will not share with everyone else including your mum. You believe he/she will be your best friend forever. You announce to the world that he/she will be your Best Man/Made of Honor on your wedding day. And you live your days believing that you will never bring damage to the relationship. And you enjoy your life assuming that you will always be there for your best friend whenever and wherever he/she needs you.

Unfortunately, in any battle against the reality, human always lose. Living in the real world forces you to make sacrifices. You experience new journeys, you meet new people, you face new challenges and you also find new reasons to build a better future, for you. Your life has changed. Your circle of friends has changed. Your views and beliefs on life and relationships have also changed. 

You soon realize that your life is no longer a playground. The reality teaches you that life is no longer about you. It is about you and the world around you. You are not just your parents’ child or your siblings’ brother/sister anymore. And you could be the bestfriend to not one, but two, maybe more people around you. Whether you like it or not, you are committed to every individual around you. Now you have to live your days doing things that you believe would strengthen the relationships between you and those people. You need them. 

Also, you have to admit that you are not perfect. As much as you want to make people around you happy, you are still you. A human. A normal one. Without you realizing it, some of the choices you make today will lead to resentment towards you.  

They question your choices. They question your love. They question your commitment in the relationship. They keep on questioning but sadly, they can’t find the answers that they need to know because they never ask you. Then they decide to leave you.

You blame yourself for being ignorant. You also blame them for questioning your decisions. But you never ask them why are they doing that to you.  In the end, you choose to let them walk away from your world.

You are not the type of person who would want to ruin a relationship. Ironically, a relationship is destroyed because of you. You blame YOU and they blame YOU. Is it really because of YOU? 

How can you tell?

This is my story. This could be your story too. :)

P/S: Life happens and sometimes you just need to ask.

2 Words of Love:

Farouk Harun said...

will have to agree..

Ilyana Fauzy said...

I ask almost all the time and people get annoyed with me. Hahah. The irony.