Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Getaway

I will be going home soon! Beaufort, here I come! Hold on, I’m not talking about the one in UK ya. My Beaufort is just a small and quite town located at the southwest region of Sabah. For those who have never been there, these are some of the beautiful snapshots that were taken in different places in Beaufort. For further information,please JG.

                                                            Courtesy of

                                                                                courtesy of

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                                                                                                courtesy of Rush Murad Photography       

                                                                                             courtesy of

My flight is scheduled on March 14, Monday, early in the morning. 

AaaRgH! I just can't wait to be home this Monday. If I can, I will go home like NOW! I have no idea why but no matter how stress* I am, just being at home with my family miraculously takes it away and I can do things much better. How good would it be if I can stay home everyday, just like my secondary school days. I'm not saying that I don't like my life and my friends here. I do! In fact, I feel so blessed to be surrounded by great and beautiful people whom I called friends. Maybe I am just that type of person who loves to be at home with my family. 

Honestly, one week is not enough for a break. You need a sort of holiday to get-into-the-holidays if you know what I mean, something which can’t be achieved within just a week. Moreover, with the ongoing stress of assignments and exam study, I bet this holiday won’t be the same like my previous ones as I can't afford to spend the week by not peeping and working on my assignments. But that's alright. I will look on the bright side of it - I hope I'll be more motivated to complete all the tasks given considering that my family is there to take care of me or in other words, ada org jaga makan minum kita. Hehe..:)

Well, I guess I could go on and on and on! But, I am exhausted and my bed is calling me. So, I will end this entry here and hope that I can sleep through the whole night. Btw, happy holiday everyone. 

Goodbye, until then. 

*stress - 
Q: How come I am so stressed? 
A: I have been super busy, it's the final you see. :)

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