Saturday, 19 March 2011

Welcome back to blogosphere

Guess who's back in blogosphere?

I'm back! I am really stinking tired, but I am back!

After my 6 days holiday in Beaufort, I touched down at Kuala Lumpur International Airport this morning. Contrary to popular belief (a frequent flyer does not suffer from jet lag), I still get jet lag from my 2 1/2-hour long flight (plus 2-hour drive from Beaufort to Kota Kinabalu International Airport).  I think most of my exhaustion while flying comes from lack of sleep on and off the plane. Yup, I am old and my mum said I've been old since I was 17. :)

Herm, break is over and I am so not ready to go back to classes tomorrow. The assignments?? I have one due next Monday which is worth 50% of the overall mark as well as a micro-teaching to "look forward to" next week! Arrghhh! The rumour of the intense final-year at IPBA has been confirmed.

Ok Florinta, get back to work! I think I need to cut down my leisure time to 70% and spend more time in the library. Yeah, I'll do that! A-huh, fingers crossed!

Btw, how's everyone's day going? 

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