Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Who made headlines today?

Today's interesting news headlines:

Anwar lodges police report: Sex video a conspiracy to force me and my wife to quit politics(Read here)

There are 18 videos involving politician (Read here)

Herm, another sex scandal hits Malaysia and the whole world (not just Malaysian) is talking about it! Interestingly, WHO is being alleged of a sex scandal? A key politician! I have the feeling that Malaysian politic is getting lame and dirtier, and this is not healthy for our future development. It shows the declining value of our community. Given such a scenario, I was wondering what does the future hold for our next generation and those after? :(

Menang bukan kerana nasib: Chong Wei berjaya kerana sudah matang, ‘Super Dan’ tak demam (Read here)

Lagi satu budaya tidak sihat! Menang pun bising, kalah lagi lah!

Congratulations to Lee Chong Wei for retaining the All England title last two weeks. I watched the final match and I could say Lee Chong Wei deserved to win! I am not an expert in badminton game but I think many will agree if I said that the match was one of his best so far. 

                               Photo Credit: Damak Ilham

So I just couldn't understand why some people talked bad about LCW and said he won it because he was lucky. Lin Dan himself admitted that his strategy didn't work and he committed more errors than usual. Yes, Lin Dan may be the best badminton player world could ever have, but we have to remember, badminton is not just about smashing the shuttle towards the opponent, hoping he might not be able to return it successfully. You need strategy! Lee Chong Wei won because his strategy worked better than Lin Dan's. 

Aiya, Malaysians ar! Bila LCW kalah, cakap "LCW mana boleh beat LD!" or "LCW bukan terer pun!" Bila menang, cakap pula "Ala, nasib baik ja tue!" or "LD kasi chance dia menang!!". So not supportive! Apa yang dorang mahu sebenarnya? Entah lah!

Marilah kita terus menyokong atlit-atlit Malaysia. Mereka menang, kita sorak! Mereka kalah, kita pujuk, jangan kutuk! Majulah sukan untuk negara. :)

P/S: Good luck to Malaysian cyclists in the World Track Championships in Denmark this weekend. 

Goodbye, until then. 

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