Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My Artist of the Month

Currently I am listening to and have been for the last two weeks or so:

   Jack Johnson - To the Sea

Thank you to Lee Kok Lian for introducing Jack Johnson to me. Honestly, I was not really into this mellow type of music until  the day KL offered me to listen to his iPod. Well I had to listen to whatever songs in his iPod because it is his! Haha..Anyway I am glad I didn't 'force' KL to change the songs! So thanks again KL! :)

Anyway, everytime I'm listening to Jack Johnson's songs, I feel like he is telling me a 'story'. The lyrics are gut-wrenchingly beautiful and thoughtful. It gives me a very positive feeling. It makes me happy! So, in my opinion, this is a great album and you can't afford to skip even one single on it. Hehe..

1. You and Your Heart
2. No Good With Faces
3. At or With Me
4. When I Look Up
5. From the Clouds
6. Turn Your Love
7. The Upsetter
8. To the Sea
9. My Little Girl
10. Red Wine, Mistakes, Mythology
11. Pictures of People Taking Pictures
12. Anything but the Truth
13. Only the Ocean
14. What You Thought You Need (Live From Yokohama) (Japan Bonus Track)

I love every song and I honestly couldn't pick a favorite. But the songs that I always find myself singing is "From the Cloud". It's just so relaxing and happy. So if you are looking for an album or singles to listen to, I strongly recommend To the Sea by Jack Johnson. Happy listening :) 

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