Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A Melancholic Week

This is one of the most melancholic weeks I have ever had. 

Just days ago I wept as I watched a movie called Prayers for Bobby. I have wept for those who are less fortunate and have to deal with situations like the one Bobby was in. It is not right at all that lives end because of people's ignorance.

And last night, as I watched Taare Zameen Par, as I think of those children who are pushed to a corner of a rat-race life by their parents and teachers, and as I think of those children who are constantly yelled at, put down, and ridiculed while they are struggling with their difficulties in understanding and learning new things - I am moved to tears again and again. Even though it is just a movie, but I can feel the sorrow and the pain portrayed by the actors. 

For the past four months I have been staying in IPBA hostel. Last two weeks, the administration broke the news to letting us know that we, the final year students will have to find and rent a house around KL because we are no longer allowed to stay in the hostel next semester. REASON: There are about 250 new students who will be coming in and apparently, (and recently), the administration just noticed that there won't be enough places to accommodate all the students. This was such horrible news for me because besides having all the comforts I have with wonderful and amazing friends around, I have to go for my first and only practicum of my entire degree years next semester and for many reasons that I am not going to write here (takut termencarut!). So as I think of those days without my close friends around while I'm struggling with my new routine as a teacher, I wept and sobbed again. 

I am such a cry baby. I can only smile sheepishly when people tease me about how easily I cry and tell me to not be such a cry baby. But I can't. I need to allow the tears to flow, not only for myself and those that I know, but for all people everywhere who are in pain (dramatic nya! Hee~). 

Next week I will have to sit for my final exam. 

Tuesday: Assessment in School at 8.30am
Thursday: Curriculum Studies at 8.30am

I only have two papers for the exam but those two especially CS are quite tough! Honestly, I am little bit anxious and solicitous because it's been a year that I did not sit for any exams as my 2nd Year and 3rd Year in Macquarie University were quite coursework-based. So I can't say I am very well-prepared but I still have about five days before answering the exam questions. So, for the remaining time, InsyaAllah I will strive for the best. :)

Despite all the not-so-happy things I reported earlier, there is one thing that I do look forward to and the idea of it never fails to motivate and enlighten me. May 30th, please come fast. I can't wait to go home and spend time with my family and friends. I miss them so much! I am also looking forward to celebrate my first Harvest Festival or Kaamatan Day with my family after two years away from home. Dad promises to bring us to the Hongkod Koisaan on May 31st. Awesome~

Okay, I think I am out of things to say. Wishing all those who will be sitting for their exams, good luck and all the best!!

2 Words of Love:

Izzul Faiz Abdul Mutalip said...

we all watching prayers for bobby for social studies, hahaaa....

Florinta Edward said...

Really? I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I did :)