Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ada apa dengan Florinta Edward

I would like to share one of my favourite poems - this one is composed by my friend Dark A. Delaqroux .
I love it because it is about me (obviously)! Haha..Well to be honest I love it because it is bitter sweet. It describes me almost perfectly and it may be one of the most honest 'descriptions' or comments I have ever received. 

Ad, I have no idea why and how did you come out with this idea of writing this poem but I really want to thank you for this one. People said seeing oneself from the eyes of others can be rough but there are times when we really need those 'extra' eyes to remind us of who we really are. So thank you very much Ad. :)

As if of some indonesian romance
I asked, "ada apa dengan florinta edward?"
or "what is with flo?"
if you find it easier to understand;
A rhetorical for one to answer, hence,
Though some may see it absurd
To simply put, simplest for so
A lady one can never comprehend. 

I jest not, gentlemen and ladies,
Believe for i do not kid,
For i receive reward of nothing
If my intention here is to deceive;
You may find a spring full of daffodils,
Yet plainliness, i call it,
For Flo's white winter flower so distinctive,
incomparable, in a clear morn of May.

-Dark. A. Delaqroux
25th July '09

You can visit and read his blog here :) 

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