Saturday, 2 April 2011

My Top 10 Guilty Pleasure

10) Sleeping in on Sunday morning when I tell my mama I'm going to wake up early and do my laundry and start working on my assignments.

9) pretending to be talking on my handphone when I see people  that I know but don't really wanna talk to that day. I feel guilty but it works! Hehe..

8) YouTube! I like browsing and watching those videos, some of the big names put on YouTube namely Nigahiga, Joseph Vincent , Sam Tsui, Legaci , Boyceavenue , Victor Kim, Jason Chen and few others. And I don't mind watching the same video over and over again! Hee~

7) Tweeting while eating at the restaurants. So I really appreciate those eateries that have free Wi-Fi because they understand that not every patron has an iPhone or Blackberry or any types of phone which has "24-hour internet access" :(

6) Creeping on Facebook - especially when I have assignments due sometime soon and I can't focus! So I will start stalking my friends' profiles, browsing their friend's friends' pictures, investigating their relationship status etc. Ooops, you caught me! Haha..

5) Asian guys with accents. WEIRD! I know..

4) Googling my own name. Perasan kan?

3)When I find a song I like, I listen to it over and over and over and over again till I can't stand it.

2) Coffee! I have been addicted since I can't remember! I can drink up to three cups of coffee in one day!  I think my coffee consumption is too high but I don't like the idea of quitting coffee though ! Huu~

1) Excessive shopping! I love shopping! I mean, hello, who doesn't!! Plus, I have this tendency of buying things whenever I am feeling down! Hoho.. I pop down to the shopping mall to relieve my tension/stress/whatever, and a few hours later I’m walking out with huge grin with a couple of new things! Herm ~

So those are my Top Ten Guilty Pleasures.  When I first thought of writing this post I thought how am I going to think of ten?  But after I started writing I actually left several off.  Apparently I have a lot! Haha..

What are yours? :)

7 Words of Love:

Cikgu AL said...

kak Flo,sme ciri2 ni saya ade! only not for no.1 & 2..;p

Florinta Edward said...

Ye ke? Haha..that means alia suka asian guys with accent juga lar? Har har..Yes I am not alone! kui kui..

David said...

Funny post. I'm guilty of several of those uncluding pretending to be on the phone to avoid talking to people and my love of coffee-gotta have it. I don't have an Asian accent but southern urban drawl lol

Rimly said...

Loved it. I too have a couple of them :)))Following you

Sneha said...

hahaha true...i can absolutely relate to it

Marty BoneIdol said...

Hey they are not too much to be guilty for. Interesting list. Facebook is one I sneak on to too often as well.

diba -the girl next room- said...

hehe pretend cakap dalam fon boleh diaplikasikan ni,,, cun!