Friday, 1 April 2011

I Eat Therefore I Write. I Write Therefore I Eat.

Hello peeps. This one is going to be quick. It's been days since I last updated. Hee~

This week was one of the busiest weeks ever! I had just submitted my CS, the toughest assignment (so far) on Monday!  Fuhh ~ what a relief! Some of you might have no idea how much I suffered because of this assignment! I kept on editing my essay til' the very last hour before submission deadline and I was still not satisfied with the final draft! The 3500-words assignment was super duper tough! But never mine lar! Now for the very first time, I only wish I can get a pass for the assignment. Yup, a pass is good enough! Huu ~

I still have three more assignments due sometime next weeks. Seriously, I have not much time left and as I’m writing this, I have not yet finished any of those three. Hoho..Ok stop nagging about my assignments. InsyaAllah, I’ll try my best to cope with everything. 

Let's talk about some good things that happened this week. Last Wednesday, my friends and I made a surprise visit to Kak Wani at Gravy Baby. It was so good to see her and have dinner together. Btw, Gravy Baby is awesome. I like the environment here - comfy and relaxing! And my western fried rice was great! Unfortunately, we had to rush back to IPBA because of the curfew hour! Duhh, lame~ I know! But there's always a next time, right? 

        [Western Fried Rice]

[Ahli Rombongan]

[Happy Faces]

[Flo & Kak Wani]

Last night pula, my girls and I went to have our dinner at Flora Kafe in Jalan Ampang. The decoration is so vogedebush! The foods are great too! 


[Mee Curry]


[Spagetti & Chocolate Blended]

[Inspired by Hana Tajima]

It felt so good to spend time with friends, good to laugh, good to eat, good to get away! Kalau lar boleh buat macam ni hari2..herm!

Ok lah, I am going to sleep now. I need to wake up early because I am having my first ever driving lesson tomorrow. Haha..Have a good weekend everyone.

Goodbye, until then.

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.:rizaL:. said...

muke farouk mcm hurrrrrrmm hehehe

Florinta Edward said...

Haha..Farouk xde keja..hehe