Monday, 21 March 2011

Public examinations: A matter of life and death

In an exam-oriented education system, it is very important for students to:
get good grades (good grades = A)
excel academically (it won't matter if they flunk their social skills)
make school proud by getting all As or be the one who has the most As in the country (nasib baik other countries dont have UPSR, PMR or SPM - or else, to be the best in the country might be thought not good enough)
study hard for exam; not for life!

As a result of all the above:

The school took away my sister's one week break. Therefore, instead of enjoying her holiday with her family, she had to attend 'extra classes' from 7.30a.m until 11.50a.m (Monday-Thursday).
She did not have time to watch her favourite Korean drama which her big sister had downloaded for her to watch during holiday.

So here these are a few important questions that linger on my mind recently:

Is 'taking away' school holiday from Year 6 students and replace it with compulsory Mathematics/BI/BM/Science periods  actually 'legal' in Malaysia?
Since when is making students to attend extra classes after school or on weekend not enough?
Since when are Year 6 students being denied their right to enjoy their school term break? 
Since when is going to school Monday to Friday from 7 a.m until 12.20 p.m not enough?
What went wrong with our education system? Who should be blamed?

As a future teacher:

 Do I want my students to be well-trained or well-educated? 
Do I want to see my students being deprived of their 

Time will tell. 

2 Words of Love:

.:rizaL:. said...

i just want my studnts to like me n hope the rest will do including the exam!

Florinta Edward said...

Mari berusaha :)